Pittori 1931, Italy

Pittori, a family tradition since 1931

Welcome to the exclusive universe of luxury kitchens, where every project is a dream that takes shape.
Here, nothing is standard, everything is unique.
We are artisans of desires, we interpret your visions and transform them into tailor-made kitchens of extraordinary quality.
With us, every detail is taken care of with passion and skill, because your kitchen is not just a space,
it is the realization of a dream that becomes tangible, an environment designed just for you.

"The experience of many years allows us
to be today a partner of great experience and reliability
for every type of customer, professional and not"

The customization of custom-made kitchens is the service par excellence of Pittori 1931.
The attention paid to the smallest details, the careful choice of materials with which to cover the doors or the kitchen worktops, are the first steps that allow to give a clear and precise identity to one of the most intimate and shared spaces of all the home, the kitchen.
The personalization of the home is not an easy task: it is necessary to take into account
the color, the elegance and the cleanliness of the lines without counting on the different and personal people needs. In our company, innovation and research linked to a “tailoring” processing of materials are the key elements that make the personalization of custom-made kitchens something unique and rare. Technical experts and skilled artisans interpret the excellence of craftsmanship every day with skill and experience, creating absolutely exclusive products. For us at Pittori 1931, the kitchen reveals the beauty of past crafts and enhances the precious materials, giving tactile sensations that awaken the strong bond with tradition.

In addition to guaranteeing quality materials, maximum precision workmanship and constantly evolving designs,
for us at Pittori 1931 it is essential to offer a product of the highest quality.

The Pittori 1931 kitchens represent a very refined creative mix of absolute design.
The quality referred to the smallest detail, with which Pittori 1931 artisanal creations are embellished, is a fundamental added value for the company. The cutting-edge technique, the excellence of the mechanisms, the materials, the craftsmanship that enhance every single Pittori 1931 creation,
leave room for the meaning of quality of the Pittori 1931 kitchens, the highest value according to the company.

Materials that give life to a sample collection of over two hundred different finishes. A harmony of exclusive and sustainable materials that bring joy to the eyes and satisfy the sense of touch. Absolute customization is the spirit of modernity and translates into flexible design where every need finds its free expression.

The warmth of wood

Wood transforms the kitchen into a warm and welcoming environment. Crafted with mastery, wood retains the grain, structure, and character of naturally grown material. Our process allows you to select with us the most suitable essences and finishes for your project, achieving even more exclusive results through our numerous customization techniques. Furthermore, the wood we choose is all FSC® certified, ensuring it comes from supply chains that guarantee the responsible management of forests and plantations.

The charm of natural stone

Stone, as a material, embodies the new perception of authentic and original things. From classic marble to the archaic character of granite: stone is an expressive, durable, and significant material
for the richness of its forms.

Lacquering in all its nuances

The lacquering of wood is a finish that enhances the natural beauty of the wood, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. This technique, requiring great craftsmanship skill, not only improves the aesthetic appearance of the wood but also increases its durability, protecting it from external elements. The result is a high-quality piece of furniture with an appealing design and long-lasting durability.