GF Interiors, Italy


GF Interior System, ambassador of Made in Italy in the world, with its creations with an unmistakable modern design,
brings a new concept of handcrafted modularity into homes, giving life to real wardrobe management systems.

The excellence of Made in Italy in the customization
of walkin closet: Custom built walk in closets
Luxury freestanding wardrobes

The wardrobe is the undisputed guardian of emotions and memories.
The wedding dress is often stored here, and mothers keep their children’s first clothes in the wardrobe.
The walk-in closet houses the items of clothing that we present ourselves to the world, the jewellery case and much more. You don’t use a walk-in closet: you live it, which is why GF Interior Systems has made research
its strong point.
Search for unique materials that blend tactile and visual sensations. Research into the creation of capable and efficient internal modules.
Research into production processes and the best suppliers.

GF Interior System is craftsmanship handed down generation after generation at the service of research
to create the best guardian of your emotions and memories.

Wardrobes and walk-in closets can be customised in every single detail: from the number, type and arrangement of the internal elements, to the type of doors to reach the important availability of coatings capable of unleashing those tactile sensations that make the use of
a wardrobe a unique and pleasant experience.